Carlson Construction has led since 1971

founded in 1971

Carlson Construction Group has been constantly adapting, evolving, and growing to meet the changing needs of the marketplace since 1971.

Gord Carlson founded Carlson in 1971; he grew up in the logging town of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island and experienced construction first-hand by working in the field as an ironworker. Carlson grew through the acquisition of its specialty contracting entities including Brymark Installation Group (1983), Vancouver Pile Driving (1996), Corwest Fabrications (2016), and Aligned Industrial Services (2022). Gord is still an active and passionate enterprenuer who works along side his four (4) adult children, who are all active in the business both as employees and shareholders. Carlson’s vision is To Build a Legacy for a Sustainable3 Canada. Being actively involved and long-term focused, the Carlson Family understands that success must flow through its people. Ingrained within each and every employee, its foundational culture and values is Carlson’s PRIDE: Passion, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Endurance.

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