Carlson Construction Group has instilled a culture to build as if it is your own. We take ownership of the process and results; we build projects that can meet or exceed their fit for purpose. This allows us to continue expanding our reputation of delivering high quality with long-lasting durability. The quality of projects can be attested by our many recognitions.

Gold Award of Excellence – G3 Terminal Vancouver 2019

Silver Award of Excellence – Viterra Pacific Terminal Ship Loading System Upgrade – 2018

Silver Award of Excelence – Kinder Morgan Vancouver Wharves Bulkhead Wall – 2016

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Carlson Construction Group is dedicated to environmental protection and to sustainable development. Each employee not only has an important role to play but is empowered to take initiatives to protect and enhance the environment. Carlson has incorporated effective operational procedures to monitor, assess and mitigate negative environmental impacts and continually evaluate and improve the quality of our products and services to ensure that timely and effective environmental protection measures are developed and maintained.

We communicate within all levels of the company to ensure compliance with our policies. Our goal is to ensure that we create project-specific strategies that fulfill customer needs, meet all government regulations, and are environmentally responsible.


Whenever possible Carlson Construction Group makes it a priority to hire local people and businesses in the areas where we work. We have had proven success working together to help deliver our projects to their communities.