Building and sustaining valued relationships helps to form the foundation of Carlson Construction Group approach to business. Relationships that stand the test of time include and rely on communication, trust, understanding and respect. We conduct all of our business in this spirit, striving to maintain positive relationships that contribute to sustainable economic and social development in the communities where we do business.

We have a strong commitment to invest in the communities where we live and work.  Our approach is designed to consult and respond to the priorities identified by our stakeholders; to understand their visions for the future. Carlson Construction Group is proud to participate in initiatives that improve the quality of life and economic well-being of the communities where we operate through local investment, education and training, employment and business development programs.

our commitment

Sharing in economics success. We want Aboriginal communities to be able to share in the successes and benefit from economic opportunities associated with development. We are committed to supporting business, employment, and economic opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples.

Communicating regularly. We are committed to listening and communicating directly and openly with Aboriginal communities impacted by our operations. We endeavor to consult in a timely, collaborative, and culturally appropriate manner.

Understanding environmental impacts. We respect the connection to the land and water by Aboriginal Peoples, we accept our own obligations toward the land and water, and we commit to conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable, manner over both the short and long term.

We are committed to meaningful engagement with Local and Aboriginal Peoples in the communities and traditional territories where we work: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We believe that responsible development takes into account Local and Aboriginal interests including their traditional and current uses of lands, water, and other resources.



VanPile strives to provide longstanding support to Aboriginal initiatives that contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Aboriginal communities.


We believe investment in education, training and skill development opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples is key to the growth and development of British Columbia and Canada. We respect that while endemic challenges can still exist, our approach is to respect the communities we work in and with, and so we tailor out programs with a focus on being able to break down barriers and open up hiring opportunities that might have been closed or restricted in the past.


VanPile is committed to creating a lasting legacy through programs that encourage mentorship, education and employment in Aboriginal communities.