Executive Leadership

Carlo Marengo

Chief Executive Officer

Carlo Marengo is an internationally experienced senior construction executive with over 25 years of experience in Project Construction Management. His specialties are Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) spanning business development through commissioning and turnover within the Energy & Chemicals, Infrastructure, Mining & Minerals and Power sectors. His focus is on delivering results in construction through the successful balance of people, tools and process.

Prior to his current role, Carlo spent 7 years with Fluor Canada Ltd as Regional Director of Construction & Fabrication. Carlo was also in senior leadership roles as Regional Operations Director for an oil & gas group in South Africa, with focus on construction, maintenance, and turnarounds projects, and Global Business Unit Executive for one of the world’s top oil and gas service providers. Carlo’s successes leading Oil & Gas businesses for top companies around the world allows him to apply worldwide business concepts to local practices. 


Senior Vice President

Chris’s market knowledge and organizational effectiveness is clearly seen in his success implementing change in conservative cultures. Since 2018, Chris has helped lead the Group in both revenue growth and leadership development in key functional areas including safety, project delivery, and pre-construction.

In his former roles he masterfully addressed skills shortages through attention to and establishment of a satisfied employee culture and a graduate training program. By recognizing recessions and proactively diversifying his company’s joint ventures and partnerships, Chris has been able to manage success amid market fluctuation.

Greg Carlson, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Carlson has been the Chief Financial Officer since 2017, prior to which he was Finance & Administration Manager of Vancouver Pile Driving since 2010. Greg also led many strategic initiatives at BDO Canada LLP for 7 years where he was a senior manager. Greg is an intuitive, strategic and versatile financial leader with insight into corporate finance, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture arrangements, corporate restructurings, and tax planning.

Jeannine Martin 

Vice President, Business Development

Jeannine is an experienced executive with over two decades of experience in the engineering and construction industry. As Vice President of Business Development, she is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives to drive growth, building relationships with key stakeholders, and ensuring marketing efforts are aligned with strategic goals.

Jeannine has a strong background in pre-construction and business development, having worked in leadership roles in prominent construction and engineering companies in North America. Jeannine currently serves as the President of the British Columbia Construction Roundtable (BCCR), and is committed to facilitating conversations that matter.

Vanessa Hobden, CGA, CPA, FCIARB, MRICS

Vice President, Commercial and Risk Management

Currently as Vice President, Commercial and Risk Management, Vanessa oversees the risk management of a complex and diverse client and project portfolio valued at over $1B+. Her expertise, real world experience. savvy personality and professionalism allows her to drive the company culture to a more aware, mature and proactive commercial and contractual foundation. She is a skilled guide, pinpointing high risk areas and facilitating mitigation strategy development. Her training, education and ability to push boundaries makes her a strong force in claims management and a leader in dispute resolution.

Chistine Lorimer, CPHR

Vice President, Human Resources

Christine joined as Vice President, Human Resources in January 2019 and has successfully led the talent acquisition of key hires, implemented phase one Leadership Development program for high potentials and introduced Talent Development best practices including individual development plans and quartery check-ins with all staff. She also oversaw the implementation and management of the Graduate Training Program including group development opportunities for participants. Her true passion les in her desire for a highly engaged workforce and has initiated the Mental Health & Wellness Committee for our Group.