Mission, Vision and Values


To be Canada’s leading specialist partner, trusted by our clients to build and maintain their most challenging heavy civil, marine, and industrial projects.


Building a Legacy for a Sustainable³ Canada

³  Economy, Community, Environment

We are builders! We want to be relevant and reliable for another 50 years within Canada. Our long-term focus is to build economically, doing it to support our communities, and the environment we work in. This simply means we want to build quality projects that focus on (1) delivering on-time and on-budget, (2) supplying local workforce and subtrades; and (3) building projects that can meet or exceed their fit for purpose or intended use. We have built many of these types of projects historically and want to continue to do so in our ever-changing environment. 


Carlson Construction Group understands that success must flow through its people. Ingrained within each and every employee, its foundational culture and values in Carlson’s PRIDE: Passion, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Endurance. We are a family company that builds with PRIDE.

Carlson PRIDE is a culture initiative that will enable our organization to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose since celebrating 50 years in business on September 28, 2021. We are both proud about our history and excited for our future opportunities with our people and our partners. These values and associated behaviors are the foundation for our next 50 years.