Carlson Construction Group (Carlson) has reorganized its group of companies into two Divisions – Carlson Heavy Civil Construction (CHCC) and Carlson Industrial Construction (CIC) to better serve clients and expand infrastructure solutions.

The CHCC Division will be responsive to the marine, civil and foundation contracting side of the construction business. CHCC includes Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. a general contracting company specializing in marine construction and pile driving; Sukwi7 Contracting Limited Partnership, a company Carlson operates in partnership with a Squamish First Nation business; and Carlson Environmental Technologies Construction Ltd. which will deliver new deep foundation and retaining structure methods in Western Canada and the Territories.  CHCC will be structured to add additional operating companies to the group in coming years.

CIC Division will unify and expand the fabrication and installation businesses. CIC presently includes Brymark Installations Group Inc., a specialty piping, mechanical and structural installations, pipe fabrication, civil works, onsite maintenance and decommissioning operations company; and  Corwest Fabrications Ltd. which is a fabricator of  high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy piping and pressure vessels for a wide variety of industries including: chemical processing, water treatment, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, ship-building, and food & beverage.  CIC also pursues industrial work through Sukwi7 Contracting Limited Partnership. Through CIC, we will pursue expansion strategies within the existing businesses and with new ventures.

To lead this new divisional structure Carlson has selected two seasoned professionals. CHCC will be led by Chris Primett, currently Vice President and General Manager of Vancouver Pile Driving. Chris’s promotion to Senior Vice President of Carlson Heavy Civil was effective September 1st, 2019. Chris joined the group in 2018 as part of an overall growth plan and brings many years of international construction experience to the team.

Effective December 9th, 2019, CIC is led by Bruce Gordichuk as Senior Vice President. The existing industrial businesses lead by Vice President and General Manager, Bruce Smith, will report to Bruce Gordichuk. Bruce Gordichuk is a veteran of the industrial sector working on both the owner and the contractor sides of the business. He has vast domestic and international experience in oil and gas, facilities maintenance and management, and infrastructure work. Bruce Gordichuk also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in overseeing strategic organizational realignments within these sectors.

Please congratulate and welcome both Chris Primett and Bruce Gordichuk into these new positions!