Location: North Vancouver, B.C.

Client: Department of Fisheries and Oceans

General Contractor:  Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.

Value: $3.3M

Start: September 2019

Completion: March 2020

Personnel: Ian Purvis, Project Manager ian.purvis@carlsoncg.com


Three new floats to help improve safety and protect Canada’s waterways and coasts.

As part of the $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan, which aims at improving marine safety and protecting Canada’s waterways, a new Coast Guard search and rescue station will be built in Hartley Bay, B.C.
VanPile will construct two concrete float modules of Quad Type 2 that will be transported and moored at Hartley Bay – one to provide a pontoon dock for a SAR building and the other to provide a pontoon breakwater. The modules have a deck area of 895.36 m² (52.4 m x 17.07 m x 1.69 m deep).
Additionally, a concrete float module of Dual Type 2 will also be constructed and delivered to the International Ocean Science Facility in Sidney, B.C. This particular module has a deck area of 447.68 m² (26.2 m x 17.07 m x 1.69 m deep).
All three concrete modules will be constructed with marine quality expanded polystyrene foam billets, utility chases, steel fabrications with marine coatings, 40 MPa concrete with silica fume and fly ash, uncoated reinforcing steel, steel ladders, timber bull rails and timber rub boards on each side.